Introducing the New Latch Intercom.

The Latch Intercom is simple, flexible, secure, and designed to always let the right people in. Tactile buttons accommodate every visitor in all weather conditions, new connectivity options enable easier installs at every door, and the fiber composite shell and impact-resistant glass are the perfect complement for the modern building.

Personal, private, and secure.

Privacy and security are at the core of everything we do. That’s why the Latch Intercom makes persistent video streaming and image capture optional, and why residents can choose how their name is displayed on screen.

Designed for flexible connectivity.

The Latch Intercom connects via ethernet, Wi- Fi, or cellular LTE—providing building owners with unprecedented flexibility during installation. This makes it ideal for large buildings managing multiple devices and connection points, as well as smaller properties seeking a cost-effective solution.

Smarter access through sound.

Through an integration with sound experience leader Sonos, residents can choose to receive visitor alerts on their Sonos One or Sonos Move speakers. If the resident has activated voice commands on a speaker that supports them, they can then instruct the device to unlock the front door using only their voice.


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